Summer in Sedona!

It’s summer in Sedona!

Monsoon season.  Microbursts.

Monsoon 2016 Lifestyles of Arizona July 2016 Sedona Lifestyles of Arizona

SR89A heading NE into Oak Creek Canyon, through Uptown Sedona’s shopping district.  Straight ahead on the right is Wilson Mountain.  To the right side of the picture is the drop of the land to Oak Creek traveling North along SR89A.  Many visitors skip Sedona in the summertime which means we locals have less crowded streets, no problems getting restaurant seating, and a chance to hike our favorite areas and commune alone with nature.

Come the fall months and the delicious change in the weather, we Sedonans once again welcome the many visitors to our area and share with them the reason many of us have settled here:  The solace and beauty of autumn, winter, and spring.

Fal West Fork Lifestyles of Arizon sunset Sedona Lifestyles of Arizon

The vistas, the magic, and the community.  It’s a place where people come to find their spirit and to share their many talents and knowledge.  Volunteerism is an essential part of the Sedona lifestyle.  Each person contributes to making this small community an exciting, yet private place to live.

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