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  1. California
  2. Los Angeles

What is the average price for a home in Los Angeles?

The average price for a home for sale in Los Angeles is $2m, and the prices range between $1k and $195m. The average price per SQFT is $1,522

What is the average price for a condo in Los Angeles?

The average price for a condo in Los Angeles is $1m, and the prices range between $3k and $37m. The average price per SQFT for a condo is $679

What are some popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles?

Some popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles are:

    Lifestyle & outdoors In Los Angeles County, CA

    49 surf spots in this area

    Latigo Point

    Type: surfing

    Malibu Second Point

    Type: surfing

    Malibu Surfrider Beach

    Type: surfing

    Malibu Close-up

    Type: surfing

    Malibu First Point

    Type: surfing

    Malibu Third Point

    Type: surfing

    Topanga Beach

    Type: surfing

    Topanga Close-up

    Type: surfing

    Topanga Beach Overview

    Type: surfing

    Chart House

    Type: surfing

    Sunset Point

    Type: surfing

    Sunset Beach

    Type: surfing

    Will Rogers State Beach

    Type: surfing

    Santa Monica Beach North

    Type: surfing

    Santa Monica Pier, North

    Type: surfing

    Santa Monica Pier

    Type: surfing

    Bay St.

    Type: surfing

    Santa Monica Beach South

    Type: surfing

    Venice Breakwater

    Type: surfing

    Venice Breakwater Close-up

    Type: surfing

    Venice Beach

    Type: surfing

    Venice Pier, Northside

    Type: surfing

    Venice Pier, Southside

    Type: surfing

    Venice Southside Overview

    Type: surfing

    Dockweiler State Beach

    Type: surfing


    Type: surfing


    Type: surfing

    El Porto 43rd St.

    Type: surfing

    El Porto Overview

    Type: surfing

    El Porto 42nd St.

    Type: surfing

    El Porto 41st St.

    Type: surfing

    El Porto 39th St.

    Type: surfing

    Bruce's Beach

    Type: surfing

    Manhattan Pier Northside

    Type: surfing

    Manhattan Pier, Southside

    Type: surfing

    Hermosa Beach

    Type: surfing

    Hermosa Pier Northside

    Type: surfing

    Hermosa Pier Southside

    Type: surfing

    Redondo Breakwater

    Type: surfing

    Sapphire St.

    Type: surfing

    Knob Hill

    Type: surfing

    Burnout Beach

    Type: surfing

    Torrance Beach

    Type: surfing


    Type: surfing

    PV Cove

    Type: surfing

    Cabrillo Beach

    Type: surfing

    Lunada Bay

    Type: surfing

    Ray Bay

    Type: surfing

    Seal Beach Pier, Southside

    Type: surfing

    2207 parks in this area

    Winton Park

    159, 019, 01/19/1981, 238057, 06, park, Winton Park

    Richard Alatorre Park

    park, Richard Alatorre Park

    San Pascual Park

    Los Angeles, 930, 90042, CA, San Pascual Avenue, park, San Pascual Park, dawn-dusk, LA Parks, (213) 485-4833,

    Crystal Street Bike Park

    JOSM, park, Crystal Street Bike Park

    Glen Alla Park

    6, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702763, 06, park, Glen Alla Park, Q49493983

    Burton Chace Park

    3, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702754, 06, park, Burton Chace Park

    Veterans Memorial Park

    20, 037, 01/19/1981, 07/19/2007, 251008, 06, park, Veterans Memorial Park, Q49574537

    Doctor Carlson Memorial Park

    park, Doctor Carlson Memorial Park, Q49483476

    Lindberg Park

    13, park, Lindberg Park

    El Marino Park

    8, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702759, 06, park, El Marino Park, Q49486185

    Fox Hills Park

    31, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702762, 06, park, Fox Hills Park, Q49491120

    Westchester Park

    Westchester Playground, 40, 037, 01/19/1981, 251393, 06, park, Westchester Park, Q49579214

    Blair Hills Park

    74, 037, 01/19/1981, 239462, 06, park, Blair Hills Park, City of Culver City,, Q49474987

    Syd Kronenthal Park

    27, 037, 01/19/1981, 245715, 06, park, Syd Kronenthal Park

    Culver Slauson Park

    8, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702757, 06, park, Culver Slauson Park, Q49481328

    Noble Park

    park, Noble Park

    Media Park

    park, Media Park, City and County of Los Angeles

    Oak Canyon Community Park

    161298, 1101172736461, 0, 111, K2180, 06, K2180, park, Oak Canyon Community Park, Tiger2009

    Don Knabe Community Regional Park

    Cerritos, 19700, CA, Bloomfield Avenue, park, Don Knabe Community Regional Park, پارک منطقه‌ای سرریتوس, Los Angeles County, Q49477620

    Coldwater Canyon Park

    park, Coldwater Canyon Park, Q49478930

    Will Rogers Memorial Park

    111, 037, 01/19/1981, 251581, 06, park, Will Rogers Memorial Park

    Unnamed park

    Potlatch 0.9b, park

    Beverly Gardens Park

    park, Beverly Gardens Park, Q4899522, en:Beverly Gardens Park

    Unnamed park

    Potlatch 0.9b, park

    Cheviot Hills Recreation Center

    72, 037, 01/19/1981, 240531, 06, park, Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, Q49477979

    Vincent Lugo Park

    park, Vincent Lugo Park, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU3340, Q28873583, en:Vincent Lugo Park

    Haster Basin Recreation Area

    Garden Grove, 12952, CA, Lampson Avenue, park, Haster Basin Recreation Area, Twin Lakes Park

    Pioneer Park

    Garden Grove, 12722, CA, Chapman Avenue, park, Pioneer Park

    El Parque De Mexico

    park, El Parque De Mexico

    Lincoln Park

    108, 037, 9/19/81, 4/17/2006, 244817, 06, park, Lincoln Park, Q3241306

    San Vicente Mountain Park

    LA96C, LA96C - Cold War Nike Missile Control (IFC) Site/Radar Site, military, park, San Vicente Mountain Park, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, Q18168354, en:San Vicente Mountain Park

    Simms Park

    John S Simms Park, 21, 037, 01/19/1981, 11/27/2006, 249510, 06, park, Simms Park, Q49508370

    Ruth R. Caruthers Park

    24, 037, 01/19/1981, 242319, 06, park, Ruth R. Caruthers Park, Q49489938

    Thompson Park

    Potlatch 0.10b, park, Thompson Park, Q49570327

    Mayfair Park

    Lakewood, 5720, 90712, Clark, 15, 037, 01/19/1981, 245623, 06, park, Mayfair Park, Q49522973

    Heartwell Park

    14, 037, 01/19/1981, 243327, 06, park, Heartwell Park

    Heartwell Park

    14, 037, 01/19/1981, 243327, 06, park, Heartwell Park

    Heartwell Park

    14, 037, 01/19/1981, 243327, 06, park, Heartwell Park

    Rosie the Riveter Park

    park, Rosie the Riveter Park, Q49553907

    Shoreline Aquatic Park

    yes, 2, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702635, 06, park, Shoreline Aquatic Park, Q49561389

    Unnamed park

    Potlatch 0.10b, park

    Bixby Park

    16, 037, 01/19/1981, 239378, 06, park, Bixby Park, Q49474884

    Bluff Park

    15, 037, 01/19/1981, 239514, 06, park, Bluff Park, Q49475129

    El Dorado East Regional Park

    Long Beach, 7550, 90815, CA, East Spring Street, park, El Dorado East Regional Park, City of Long Beach

    Hilltop Park

    park, Hilltop Park

    Sunset View Park

    park, Sunset View Park

    Discovery Well Park

    park, Discovery Well Park

    Granada Park

    146, 037, 01/19/1981, 242886, 06, park, Granada Park, Q49495014

    Del Rey Lagoon Park

    6, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702758, 06, park, Del Rey Lagoon Park, Q49482587

    Jose San Martin Park

    park, Jose San Martin Park, Q49508821

    Jose Del Valle Park

    park, Jose Del Valle Park, Q49508817

    Boyar Park

    14, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732092, 06, park, Boyar Park, Q49475482

    Liberty Park

    Cerritos, 19211, 90703, CA, Studebaker Road, Has a fitness center. Hours vary by season. Outdoor facilities softball diamond, night lighted Tennis courts (6), night lighted sand volleyball courts (3), night lighted jogging track (330 yards, 5 1/3 laps are equal to 1 mile), night lighted playground., park, Liberty Park, Mo-Fr 10:00-21:30; Mar-Aug Sa-Su 10:00-20:00; Sep-Feb Sa-Su 10:00-18:00,, 562-916-8565,, yes, Q49516455, en:Cerritos, California#Community and neighborhood parks

    Orange Park

    park, Orange Park

    Recreation Park

    25, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702773, 06, park, Recreation Park

    Library Park

    Library Park, park, Library Park, Q49516548

    Titmouse Park

    Potlatch 0.10f, park, Titmouse Park

    Gas Company Field

    park, Gas Company Field

    Palm Park

    70, 037, 01/19/1981, 247137, 06, park, Palm Park, Q49537156

    Temple City Park

    Temple City, 9701, 91780, CA, Las Tunas Drive, 122, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732073, 06, park, Temple City Park, Q49569517

    Arroyo Park

    park, Arroyo Park, South Pasadena,

    Valley Park

    20, 037, 05/14/1997, 1733101, 06, park, Valley Park, Q49573906

    Clark Stadium

    park, Clark Stadium

    South Park

    24, 037, 01/19/1981, 241193, 06, park, South Park

    Polliwog Park

    26, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702772, 06, park, Polliwog Park, Q49544733

    Manhattan Heights Park

    24, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702767, 06, park, Manhattan Heights Park, Q49521212

    Marine Avenue Park

    30, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702769, 06, park, Marine Avenue Park, Q49521738

    Live Oak Park

    39, 037, 01/19/1981, 244970, 06, park, Live Oak Park, Q49518323

    Unnamed park

    Potlatch 0.10f, park

    Victory Park

    254, 037, 01/19/1981, 251030, 06, park, Victory Park, Q49575034

    Unnamed park

    yes, 57.0, 28.8, 4291002901, 410465829030, park

    Michillinda Park

    037, 01/19/1981, 245846, 06, park, Michillinda Park, Q49525955

    Holmby Park

    116, 037, 01/19/1981, 243557, 06, park, Holmby Park, Q16995706

    Pasadena Memorial Park

    262, park, Pasadena Memorial Park, Q49540016

    Eaton Sunnyslope Park

    park, Eaton Sunnyslope Park

    Ross Snyder Recreation Center

    63, 037, 06/14/2000, 249631, 06, park, Ross Snyder Recreation Center, Q49553978

    Gilbert Lindsay Recreation Center

    park, Gilbert Lindsay Recreation Center

    Unnamed park


    Brookside Park

    240, 037, 01/19/1981, 270024, 06, park, Brookside Park, Q49475902

    Courthouse Square

    private, park, Courthouse Square, bing, Q5178521

    Arcadia County Park

    park, Arcadia County Park, Q49472787

    Hamilton Park

    286, park, Hamilton Park, Q49497373

    Unnamed park


    El Prado Park

    25, 037, 01/19/1981, 241912, 06, park, El Prado Park

    Unnamed park

    Potlatch 0.10f, park

    El Prado Park

    park, El Prado Park

    Brand Park

    Glendale, 1601, 91201, CA, West Mountain Street, The 31 acre park is nestled at the base of the Verdugo Mountains. The park offers hiking and biking trails, basketball court, softball field, picnic areas, children's playground, and seasonal children's wading pool. , park, Brand Park, +1-818-548-3782, Yahoo, baseball,

    McCambridge Park

    191, 037, 01/19/1981, 245646, 06, recreation_ground, park, McCambridge Park, Yahoo, Q49523230

    Griffith Manor Park

    Glendale, 1551, 91201, CA, Flower Street, 147, 037, 01/19/1981, 243035, 06, park, Griffith Manor Park, Yahoo,, Q49496417

    Bonita Park

    park, Bonita Park, Q49475267

    Candleverde Park

    15, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732093, 06, park, Candleverde Park, Q49476783

    Gridley Park

    13, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732156, 06, park, Gridley Park, Q49496369

    Reseda Park and Recreation Center

    park, Reseda Park and Recreation Center

    John Quimby Park

    238, 037, 05/14/1997, 1733223, 06, park, John Quimby Park, Q49508325

    Harry Bridges Memorial Park

    park, Harry Bridges Memorial Park

    Unnamed park


    Lemon Grove Recreation Center

    96, 037, 01/19/1981, 244730, 06, park, Lemon Grove Recreation Center, Q49515828

    Cherry Cove Park

    16, 037, 05/14/1997, 1733031, 06, park, Cherry Cove Park, Q49477914

    Biscailuz Park

    16, 037, 01/19/1981, 239351, 06, park, Biscailuz Park, Q49474860

    Jackson Park

    13, 037, 05/14/1997, 1733035, 06, park, Jackson Park, Q49506178

    Scherer Park

    park, Scherer Park

    El Nido Park

    park, El Nido Park, Q49486206

    Garfield Park

    park, Garfield Park, Q49492881

    Alta Vista Park

    park, Alta Vista Park, Q49472331

    Doctor Walter R Tucker Park

    park, Doctor Walter R Tucker Park, Q49483532

    Unnamed park

    park, City of Manhattan Beach

    Abraham Lincoln Park

    Burbank, 300, 91505, CA, North Buena Vista Street, park, Abraham Lincoln Park

    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Lashbrook Park

    park, Lashbrook Park

    Angels Knoll Park

    park, Angels Knoll Park

    Hahamonga Watershed Natural Park

    no, park, Hahamonga Watershed Natural Park, sunrise-sunset, City of Pasadena, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCV3153

    Manhattan State Beach

    CASIL CSP_Opbdys072008, {F2C334BB-566A-4651-A774-72852E886D67}, 549, park, Manhattan State Beach, state_beach

    Gwinn Park

    238, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732322, 06, park, Gwinn Park, Q49496886

    Rio de Los Angeles State Park State Recreational Area

    CASIL CSP_Opbdys072008, national_park, {3F512692-920B-4C8E-A1A8-93C0D11FF8E7}, 563, park, Rio de Los Angeles State Park State Recreational Area, state_recreational_area

    Watts Towers of Simon Rodia State Historic Park

    CASIL CSP_Opbdys072008, fence, {9F71AED3-DAD2-4C2E-ACD2-88AE7A2105E6}, 518, yes, park, Watts Towers of Simon Rodia State Historic Park, state_historic_park, Q49577765

    Los Encinos State Historic Park

    Siutcanga Village Park, Rancho Los Encinos Park, CASIL CSP_Opbdys072008, {DDEE7526-2C43-43CD-BDD4-08180414250C}, 546, park, Los Encinos State Historic Park, We-Su 10:00-17:00, state_historic_park, museum, Q6682711

    Los Angeles State Historic Park

    315, N Spring St, CASIL CSP_Opbdys072008, {9DE76400-2020-42B9-8D95-6358E630E937}, 578, park, Los Angeles State Historic Park, state_historic_park, Q6682346

    Drum Barracks

    CASIL CSP_Opbdys072008, {0F904315-77E7-402D-A831-B7DD05D7154B}, 576, park, Drum Barracks, state_unclassified

    Big Rock Beach

    CASIL CSP_Opbdys072008, protected_area, {5973DF8C-1AFD-41D9-B222-4E036B8E36FF}, 510, park, Big Rock Beach, state_unclassified

    Pan Pacific Park

    CASIL CSP_Opbdys072008, {84C01F9D-4932-4AD7-ABC0-9E9B0EE47244}, 501, park, Pan Pacific Park, state_unclassified

    Edison Park

    park, Edison Park

    Almansor Park

    park, Almansor Park, Q49472282

    Orange Grove Park

    recreation_ground, park, Orange Grove Park

    Unnamed park


    Mountain View Park

    park, Mountain View Park, Q49529319

    Douglas Park

    62, 037, 01/19/1981, 241590, 06, park, Douglas Park, bocce

    Reed Park

    40, 037, 01/19/1981, 244816, 06, park, Reed Park, bing,, Q49516902

    Memorial Park

    34, 037, 01/19/1981, 245764, 06, park, Memorial Park, Q49524755

    Lacy Park

    interval=Sa-So, park, Lacy Park, Q6469181

    Recreation Park

    park, Recreation Park

    Recreation Park South

    park, Recreation Park South

    Hollywood Recreation Center

    park, Hollywood Recreation Center, Q49502481

    Singer Park

    park, Singer Park, Q49561921

    Grand Avenue Park

    yes, park, Grand Avenue Park, Q49495044

    Cleland Avenue Bicentennial Park

    park, Cleland Avenue Bicentennial Park, Q49478562

    Montebello City Park

    park, Montebello City Park, City of Montebello, image;survey;usgs_imagery, AM909_DSCP7312

    Amigo Park

    park, Amigo Park, County of Los Angeles, image;survey;usgs_imagery, AM909_DSCP7348

    Stewart Street Park

    park, Stewart Street Park, Q49566389

    Virginia Avenue Park

    52, 037, 05/08/1996, 1693199, 06, park, Virginia Avenue Park, usgs_imagery;local_government, Q49575649

    Joslyn Park

    park, Joslyn Park, Q49508890

    Ozone Park

    park, Ozone Park, Q7116637

    Crescent Bay Park

    Santa Monica, 2000, 90405, CA, North Ocean Avenue, 13, 037, 01/19/1981, 241084, 06, park, Crescent Bay Park, Q49480938

    Hotchkiss Park

    26, 037, 01/19/1981, 243694, 06, park, Hotchkiss Park, Q49503322

    Oakwood Recreation Center

    park, Oakwood Recreation Center, Q49534517

    Los Amigos Park

    23, park, Los Amigos Park, Q49519345

    Valley View Park

    10016, 1101172736509, 0, 111, K2180, 06, K2180, 371, park, Valley View Park, Tiger2009

    Medea Creek Park

    67882, 1101172736487, 0, 111, K2180, 06, K2180, park, Medea Creek Park, Tiger2009

    Medea Creek Park

    71017, 1101172736488, 0, 111, K2180, 06, K2180, park, Medea Creek Park, Tiger2009

    Medea Creek Park

    22452, 1101172736485, 0, 111, K2180, 06, K2180, park, Medea Creek Park, Tiger2009

    Medea Creek Park

    17644, 1101172736623, 0, 111, K2180, 06, K2180, park, Medea Creek Park, Tiger2009

    Indian Springs Park

    park, Indian Springs Park

    Mae Boyar Park

    29436, 1101172736243, 0, 111, K2180, 06, K2180, park, Mae Boyar Park, Tiger2009

    Moorpark Park

    park, Moorpark Park, Q49528167

    Rossmoor Park

    park, Rossmoor Park

    Buckingham Park

    park, Buckingham Park

    Central Park

    park, Central Park, Q49477527

    Elysian Valley Recreation Center

    park, Elysian Valley Recreation Center

    Alondra Park

    park, Alondra Park, Q49472300

    Unnamed park


    Obregon Park

    78, 037, 01/19/1981, 246793, 06, park, Obregon Park, survey;image;usgs_imagery, AM909_DSCQ2206, Q49534585

    F E Hopkins Wilderness Park

    65, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732957, 06, park, F E Hopkins Wilderness Park, Q49487861

    Paradise Park

    33, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732996, 06, park, Paradise Park, Q49537527

    Coronel Plaza

    312, 037, 05/14/1997, 1733053, 06, park, Coronel Plaza, Q49480238

    City Terrace Park

    139, 037, 01/19/1981, 240645, 06, park, City Terrace Park, Q49478299

    Sequoia Park

    197, park, Sequoia Park, Q49559706

    Sunnyslopes Park

    129, park, Sunnyslopes Park, Q49567662

    De Portola Park

    58, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732947, 06, park, De Portola Park, Q49482263

    Entradero Park

    park, Entradero Park, Q49487221

    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Fred Hesse Jr. Community Park

    park, Fred Hesse Jr. Community Park

    Brea Junior High Park

    park, Brea Junior High Park

    Unnamed park


    Lincoln Park

    Anaheim, 1535, 92805, CA, East Broadway, 54, park, Lincoln Park, پارک لینکلن, Q49516909

    Park Drive Park

    Santa Monica, 2415, CA, Broadway, 47, 037, 05/08/1996, 1693126, 06, park, Park Drive Park,, Q49475821

    Unnamed park


    Walteria Park

    Torrance, 3855, 90505, West 242nd Street, park, Walteria Park,, yes, Q49576601

    George E Elder Park

    99, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732302, 06, park, George E Elder Park, bing_imagery_0.06m_200801, Q49493381

    Modjeska Park

    park, Modjeska Park, Q49527389

    Willow Park

    park, Willow Park, Yahoo, Q49581469

    Chaparral Park

    park, Chaparral Park, Yahoo

    La Palma Park

    park, La Palma Park, Yahoo, Q49512468

    Kahler Russell Park

    park, Kahler Russell Park

    Veterans Memorial Park

    7, 037, 01/19/1981, 251010, 06, park, Veterans Memorial Park, Q49574532

    Hancock Park

    park, Hancock Park, Q5647054

    Coolidge Park

    17, park, Coolidge Park, Q49480008

    Wrigley Greenbelt

    park, Wrigley Greenbelt, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU1220

    Drake Park

    10, 037, 01/19/1981, 241606, 06, park, Drake Park, LBDPRM, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU1348, Q49484217

    Cressa Park

    park, Cressa Park, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU1305

    Loren Miller Park

    54, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732790, 06, park, Loren Miller Park, Q49519278

    Cesar Chavez Park

    5, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732961, 06, park, Cesar Chavez Park, Golden Park, City of Long Beach, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU1440, Q49494431

    Plaza Zaferia

    park, Plaza Zaferia, City of Long Beach, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU1548

    Rotary Centennial Park

    park, Rotary Centennial Park, City of Long Beach, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU1525

    Jack Nichol Park

    park, Jack Nichol Park, City of Long Beach, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU1615

    Victory-Vineland Recreation Center

    park, Victory-Vineland Recreation Center, Q49575097

    Grant Rea Park

    Montebello, 600, 90640, CA, Rea Dr, 56, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732320, 06, park, Grant Rea Park, yahoo_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU5167, Q49495354

    Pico Park

    58, 037, 01/19/1981, 247447, 06, park, Pico Park, City of Pico Rivera, yahoo_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU5202, Q49542358

    Hazard Park

    park, Hazard Park, Q5687660

    Santa Anita Park

    park, Santa Anita Park

    Camino Grove Park

    park, Camino Grove Park, Q49476656

    Baldwin Stocker Park

    park, Baldwin Stocker Park, Q49473522

    Story Park

    249967, park, Story Park, Q49566747

    Montrose Community Park

    Glendale, 3529, 91208, CA, Clifton Place, park, Montrose Community Park, Q49527908

    Los Angeles High Memorial Park

    park, Los Angeles High Memorial Park, Q49519352

    Marion Park

    village_green, park, Marion Park

    Rose Hill Playground

    park, Rose Hill Playground, Q49553637

    Highlands Park

    Find exact border between park and school, park, Highlands Park, Q49501255

    Langley Park

    park, Langley Park, Q49514509

    Gardenhill Park

    La Mirada, 14435, 90638, CA, Gardenhill Drive, park, Gardenhill Park, La Mirada

    La Mirada Community Regional Park

    La Mirada, 13701, 90638, CA, Adelfa Drive, park, La Mirada Community Regional Park, yahoo, Q49512460

    Potrero Heights Park

    park, Potrero Heights Park, Q49545416

    Manzanita Park

    47, park, Manzanita Park, Yahoo,GNIS, Q49521367

    Norwalk Park

    31, park, Norwalk Park, Yahoo,GNIS, Q49533569

    Sand Dune Park

    park, Sand Dune Park, Q7415788

    Marcach Park

    park, Marcach Park

    Carriage Crest Park

    park, Carriage Crest Park, Q49477063

    Charles H Wilson Park

    park, Charles H Wilson Park, Q49477763

    Sur La Brea Park

    park, Sur La Brea Park

    Torrance Park

    25, 037, 05/14/1997, 1733018, 06, park, Torrance Park, Q49571283

    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Hickory Park

    park, Hickory Park, Q49500698

    Victor Park

    29, park, Victor Park, Q49574960

    Delthorne Park

    Torrance, 3401, 90503, Spencer Street, park, Delthorne Park, Q49482705

    Perry Street Mini-park

    park, Perry Street Mini-park

    Dolphin Park

    park, Dolphin Park, Q49483636

    Mount Lowe Park

    487, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732402, 06, park, Mount Lowe Park, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCV2946, Q49529007

    South Gate Park

    park, South Gate Park, Q49563325

    La Pintoresca Park

    311, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732353, 06, park, La Pintoresca Park, Q49512476

    Moor Field

    133, 037, 01/19/1981, 246174, 06, park, Moor Field, Q49528086

    Smith Park

    52, 037, 06/14/2000, 249594, 06, park, Smith Park, William A Smith Park, City of Pico Rivera, usgs_imagery;survey;image, AM909_DSCU3872, Q49580930

    Earvin "Magic" Johnson Recreation Area

    Los Angeles, 905, 90059, CA, El Segundo Boulevard, park, Earvin "Magic" Johnson Recreation Area, Willowbrook Park, Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation,

    Triangle Park

    park, Triangle Park

    Victoria Community Regional Park

    251026, park, Victoria Community Regional Park, Q49574986

    Rio Hondo Park

    55, 037, 01/19/1981, 248214, 06, park, Rio Hondo Park, Q49550438

    Barnsdall Art Park

    140, 037, 01/19/1981, 238995, 06, park, Barnsdall Art Park, 06:00-22:00,, Q4861882

    Seoul International Park

    Ardmore Recreation Center, park, Seoul International Park, Q49472840

    Hollenbeck Park

    86, 037, 01/19/1981, 04/17/2006, 243540, 06, park, Hollenbeck Park, usgs_imagery, Q3786297

    Alhambra Park

    160, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732661, 06, park, Alhambra Park, Q49472161

    Vineyard Recreation Center

    31, 037, 01/19/1981, 251074, 06, park, Vineyard Recreation Center, Q49575595

    Jesse A. Brewer Jr. Park

    park, Jesse A. Brewer Jr. Park

    W. M. Keck Foundation Amphitheatre

    park, W. M. Keck Foundation Amphitheatre

    Banning Park

    13, 037, 01/19/1981, 238962, 06, park, Banning Park, Q49473592

    Unnamed park


    Pershing Square

    83, 037, 01/19/1981, 247403, 06, park, Pershing Square, Q7170179

    Unnamed park


    South Park

    park, South Park

    Eagle Rock Recreation Center

    246, 037, 01/19/1981, 241720, 06, park, Eagle Rock Recreation Center, Q49484891

    Smith Park

    park, Smith Park, Q49562552

    Encanto Park

    188, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732278, 06, park, Encanto Park, Q49487054

    Arceo Park

    park, Arceo Park, Q49472807

    Vista del Mar Park

    park, Vista del Mar Park

    Unnamed park

    park, park

    Unnamed park

    park, bing_imagery_0.06m_200801

    Unnamed park

    park, bing_imagery_0.06m_200801

    Unnamed park

    park, bing_imagery_0.06m_200801

    Unnamed park

    park, bing_imagery_0.06m_200801

    Unnamed park

    park, bing_imagery_0.06m_200801

    Unnamed park

    park, bing_imagery_0.06m_200801

    Unnamed park

    park, bing_imagery_0.06m_200801

    Unnamed park


    Tamarack Park

    park, Tamarack Park

    Tripolis Park

    037, 05/14/1997, 1732626, 06, park, Tripolis Park, Q49572102

    Hollydale Regional Park

    South Gate, 5400, 90280, CA, Monroe Avenue, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732332, 06, park, Hollydale Regional Park, South Gate, Q49502443

    Joslyn Adult Recreation Center

    1763021, park, Joslyn Adult Recreation Center, Q49508887

    Lindaraka Park

    park, Lindaraka Park, Q49517239

    Pegasus Park

    private, park, Pegasus Park, ExxonMobil Corp, coroprate

    Columbia Park

    1732942, park, Columbia Park, gnis;bing_imagery

    Verdugo Park

    Glendale, 1621, 91208, CA, Cañada Boulevard, 037, 01/19/1981, 274331, 06, park, Verdugo Park, this outline better reflects the actual boundaries of the parkland including improved and unimproved areas,

    Aviation Park

    1702751, park, Aviation Park

    City Hall Park

    park, City Hall Park

    London Park

    park, London Park

    Kraemer Memorial Park

    park, Kraemer Memorial Park

    George Izay Park / Olive Avenue Recreation Center

    park, George Izay Park / Olive Avenue Recreation Center

    Hillcrest Park

    park, Hillcrest Park

    Del Aire Park

    037, 01/19/1981, 241387, 06, park, Del Aire Park, Q49482535

    Holly Glen Park

    28, 037, 05/14/1997, 1731957, 06, park, Holly Glen Park, Q49502393

    Sibrie Park

    037, 05/14/1997, 1732581, 06, park, Sibrie Park, Q49561548

    Enterprise Park

    31, 037, 05/14/1997, 1731935, 06, park, Enterprise Park, Q49487212

    Mona Park

    037, 05/14/1997, 1732390, 06, park, Mona Park, Q49527517

    Independence Park

    Fullerton, 801, 92832, CA, West Valencia Drive, park, Independence Park

    Clover Park

    44, 037, 05/08/1996, 1693136, 06, park, Clover Park, Q49478649

    Penmar Recreation Center

    park, Penmar Recreation Center, Q49541144

    One Hundred Ninth Street Recreation Center

    037, 05/14/1997, 1732415, 06, park, One Hundred Ninth Street Recreation Center, Q49535667

    Lennox Park

    037, 01/19/1981, 244738, 06, park, Lennox Park

    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    El Paseo Cahuenga Park

    214, 037, 01/19/1981, 241905, 06, park, El Paseo Cahuenga Park, Q49486213

    Silver Lake Meadows Park

    Silver Lake Meadow, park, Silver Lake Meadows Park

    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Constitution Park

    40, 037, 05/14/1997, 1731924, 06, park, Constitution Park, Q49479884

    Washington Park

    38, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702780, 06, park, Washington Park, Q49577047

    Arovista Park

    park, Arovista Park

    Boyle Heights Recreation Center

    80, 037, 01/19/1981, 239633, 06, park, Boyle Heights Recreation Center, Q49475499

    Boyle Heights Sports Center Park

    79, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732668, 06, park, Boyle Heights Sports Center Park, Q49475501

    Tri City Park

    park, Tri City Park

    Craig Regional Park

    park, Craig Regional Park

    Beechwood Park

    park, Beechwood Park

    Bastanchury Park

    park, Bastanchury Park

    Greenbriar Park

    park, Greenbriar Park

    Pioneer Park

    Anaheim, 2565, 92805, CA, East Underhill Avenue, park, Pioneer Park, Q49543269

    Pacific Drive Park

    Fullerton, 222, CA, South Pacific Drive, park, Pacific Drive Park, 1977

    Amerige Park

    park, Amerige Park

    Lagos De Moreno Park

    park, Lagos De Moreno Park

    Laurel Park

    park, Laurel Park

    Country Hills Park

    park, Country Hills Park

    Union Pacific Park

    park, Union Pacific Park

    Founders Park

    park, Founders Park

    Plaza Park

    park, Plaza Park

    Fullerton Sports Complex

    park, Fullerton Sports Complex

    Ross Park

    park, Ross Park, 2003,

    Jesse Owens County Park

    037, 06/14/2000, 249777, 06, park, Jesse Owens County Park, Q49507608

    Rowley Memorial Park

    037, 01/19/1981, 10/26/2006, 248438, 06, park, Rowley Memorial Park, Q49554506

    Ladera Park

    037, 01/19/1981, 244487, 06, park, Ladera Park, Q49512646

    Rose Park

    15, 037, 01/19/1981, 248386, 06, park, Rose Park, Q49553662

    Naples Plaza

    2, 037, 12/02/1996, 1702633, 06, park, Naples Plaza, Q49530282

    Unnamed park


    Darby Memorial Park

    63, 037, 01/19/1981, 241260, 06, park, Darby Memorial Park, Q49481916

    Car Park

    park, Car Park

    Botanical Gardens

    215, 037, 01/19/1981, 239591, 06, park, Botanical Gardens, Q49475370

    Traffic Circle

    park, Traffic Circle, en:Los Alamitos Circle

    Toon Park

    park, Toon Park

    Fullerton Arboretum

    park, Fullerton Arboretum, Q5508289

    Fullerton Creek Greenbelt

    park, Fullerton Creek Greenbelt

    McDonald Park

    278, 037, 05/14/1997, 1732383, 06, park, McDonald Park, Q49523484

    Chesterfield Square Park

    41, 037, 01/19/1981, 240528, 06, park, Chesterfield Square Park, Q49477957

    Unnamed park


    Reservoir Park

    park, Reservoir Park, Q49549440

    Estell Park

    park, Estell Park

    Mountain View Park

    park, Mountain View Park

    Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park

    5, 037, 05/14/1997, 06, park, Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park,, Q49509987

    Holly Park

    park, Holly Park, City of Hawthorne, Q49502403

    Salt Lake Park

    park, Salt Lake Park, Q49556549

    Riverfront Park

    park, Riverfront Park

    Roosevelt Park

    park, Roosevelt Park, Q49553427

    Harvard Playground

    42, 037, 01/19/1981, 243264, 06, park, Harvard Playground, Q49498587

    Vermont Square

    47, 037, 01/19/1981, 251002, 06, park, Vermont Square

    Normandie Park

    park, Normandie Park

    Bad News Bears Fields

    park, Bad News Bears Fields

    West Coyote Hills Park

    park, West Coyote Hills Park

    Shadow Ranch Park

    248, 037, 05/14/1997, 1733238, 06, park, Shadow Ranch Park, CITY, municipal, Q7460584

    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park

    grass, park

    Unnamed park

    grass, park

    Unnamed park

    grass, park

    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park

    grass, park

    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park


    Unnamed park

    grass, park

    Unnamed park

    grass, park

    Castle Peak Park

    297, grass, park, Castle Peak Park, Q49477207

    Tellefson Park

    park, Tellefson Park, Q49569484

    Hansen Park

    park, Hansen Park, Q49497742

    Twila Reid Park

    park, Twila Reid Park

    Schweitzer Park

    park, Schweitzer Park, Q49558803

    Maxwell Park

    Anaheim, 2655, 92804, CA, West Orange Avenue, park, Maxwell Park, 1959,, Q49522903

    Peter Marshall Park

    park, Peter Marshall Park, Q49541699

    Brookhurst Park

    park, Brookhurst Park

    John Marshall Park

    park, John Marshall Park, Q49508279

    Barton Park

    park, Barton Park, Q49473742

    Palm Lane Park

    park, Palm Lane Park, Q49537148

    Energy Field Park

    park, Energy Field Park

    Stoddard Park

    park, Stoddard Park, Q49566514

    Ponderosa Park

    park, Ponderosa Park, Q49544862

    Cottonwood Park

    park, Cottonwood Park

    Walnut Grove Park

    park, Walnut Grove Park

    Boysen Park

    park, Boysen Park, Q49475505

    Little Peoples Park

    park, Little Peoples Park, Q49518165

    Colony Square

    park, Colony Square

    Citrus Park

    park, Citrus Park, Q49478236

    George Washington Park

    Anaheim, 250, 92805, CA, East Cypress Street, park, George Washington Park, George Washington Elementary School, Mo-Su 05:00-22:30, 714-765-5155,

    Sage Park

    park, Sage Park

    Julianna Park

    park, Julianna Park, Q49508989

    Edison Park

    park, Edison Park, Q49485829

    Juarez Park

    park, Juarez Park, Q49508927

    Rio Vista Park

    Anaheim, 201, 92805, CA, North Park Vista Street, park, Rio Vista Park, Q49550462

    Stoner Recreation Center

    55, 037, 01/19/1981, 249960, 06, park, Stoner Recreation Center, Q49566657

    El Camino Real Park

    park, El Camino Real Park

    Chapman Sports Complex

    Garden Grove, 11700, CA, Knott Street, park, Chapman Sports Complex

    Eastgate Park

    Garden Grove, 12001, CA, St Mark St, park, Eastgate Park, Q49485408

    Edgar Park

    park, Edgar Park